About Us

We specialise in gorgeous & unique accessories - which we hope you will love.

We source locally and internationally from primarily small suppliers, so that many of our accessories are handmade or handcrafted. We have a mixture of smaller unusual items combined with some more commercial items. We aim to have gorgeous accessories that are of an exceptionally high quality; our main lines are jewellery, bags, hats, scarves & umbrellas - with a little bit of clothing.

We want you to love visiting us - online or in-store!!

We believe in the principles of fair trade & sustainability - in other words respect to people & the environment. We use recycled bags, tags & gift wrapping & check with our suppliers about their manufacturing conditions - where the product is not handmade.

Our accessory team of 'gorgeousness' consists of Sue, Jemma, Dayle & Lily: 

  • We opened in March 2011 after Sue decided to do what she has wanted to do for 20 years - rather than talking and dreaming about it!! Sue has worked in retail for over 15 years - she started at Harrods Ltd. (London) where she completed their management training program. She then worked for Target Australia Pty. Ltd. & the Coles Myer Group for 10 years after emigrating to Australia. Before opening the business Sue was a Lecturer at Victoria University in the School of Management & Information Systems - she has a Graduate Diploma & a Masters in Business. 
  • Jemma has been working with us for about 3 years & is in her final year of a combined Health Science/ Masters of Prosthetics program. Jemma is heavily involved in cheerleading & at Christmas time can be spotted as an Elf at Myer!
  • Dayle joined us at the end of 2016 - Dayle has a social media business, has had lots of retail exposure & experience & most importantly - has a great sense of humour! 
  • Lily started working with us just before Christmas last year & is in her first year of an Arts degree.
  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us - (03) 9399 8387 or info@poppiwilliams.com.au - where Sue, Jemma, Dayle or Lily will help you.